1/3/19 - First Impressions
1/10/19 - Luck!
1/17/19 - Working Stiff
1/24/19 - Lost & Found
1/31/19 - Second Chance
2/7/19 - For the love of
2/21/19 - Battle Scars
2/28/19 - Courage
3/7/19 - Teacher, Teacher
3/14/19 - Nemesis
3/21/19 - Kids Say The Darnedest Things
3/28/19 - Oops!
4/4/19 - Instincts
4/11/19 - Degrees of Separation
4/18/19 - Food
4/25/19 - It seemed like a good idea

Reservations  503-738-6403

580 Beach Drive

Seaside, OR 97138

Seaside Story Slam is a storytelling performance competition.

Inspired by The Moth and Mortified Nation, Seaside Story Slam aims to bring together the community and provide honest human experiences in the name of fun and entertainment.

Events happen weekly, every Thursday (except Valentines Day) from January until May.

Stories are told by you, the audience, about your true life experiences.

Each week we will have a theme to inspire your memories. If you feel so compelled, you can put your name into the storyteller’s box where you will be drawn at random, to tell your story.

Stories will be scored by volunteer audience members. On a scale from 1 - 10.

 Highest score possible is 30.

They are asked to judge each story based on these questions;
Does it have a clear beginning, middle and end?
Does the story address the theme of the evening?
Is it compelling? Do you want to know what happens next?

They are asked to NOT judge the tellers on their life choices, but on the quality of the storytelling.  The winner, the person with the best story of the night, will be invited back for the GRAND SLAM, win a prize AND be entered into a drawing for a 2 night hotel stay! Drawing will be held at the end of May.

Story Slam will begin at 6:00pm and will continue until everyone who signed up to tell a story gets to, or 8:00pm, whichever comes first.
Seating for Story Slam opens at 5:30pm. Casual bar menu and drinks will be available from 6:00pm til 9:00pm.
For more information, call 503-738-6403.